The eyes are very sensitive to pressure and foreign materials.
Most people find it impossible to hold their eyes open under a shower or in most eye washes for even a few seconds. B-L-S eye/face wash nozzles are designed so that a very soft spray is emitted that allows most people to hold their eyes open for the prescribed 15 minute washing.

Each side of the eye/face wash has a separate flow control made of solid stainless steel, NO rubber or plastic inserts for the orifice. Orifice inserts have been a problem when they become dislodged and block flow to the eye wash. There is NO INSERT to become dislodged in the B-L-S flow control.


B-L-S eye/face wash nozzles are machined in two (2) parts and made of stainless steel. The top 3/8" of the nozzle is removable and is screwed to the bottom portion. A foam type filter in the nozzle can be removed and cleaned if It should ever become necessary.