B-L-S is in compliance with the AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE publication Z358.1-2014. In many instances, we exceed their minimum requirements. 

Most self draining units, frost-proof, freeze-resistant, etc., cannot meet the one second or less ANSI intention. The intent was for potable water to be flowing at the point of need in one second or less. The written verbage says the valve will open in one second or less. These types of units cannot be tested weekly during freezing weather without a potential freeze-up. In either case, B-L-S does not offer this type of shower because debris, insects, rust, stagnate air, etc. collects in the vacant 4-6 feet of piping and could cause harm to the already injured person. 

ANSI specifies a 1" shower water supply function and a 1/2" eye/wash water supply inlet. B-L-S standardizes with a 1-1/4" supply inlet and 3/4" components at the eye/wash arms. 

ANSI allows a 20 GPM shower function and 3 GPM flow to the eye/face area at 30 PSIG. B-L-S standardized at 30 GPM for the shower and 14 GPM in the eye/face area! We do not recommend dropping to the minimum allowable 0.4 GPM for eyes only, as generally the forehead, nose, cheeks, or total face are splattered with injurious chemicals. 

ANSI indicates that portable eye/wash equipment does not meet the criteria of plumbed equipment, should only be used as support, and shall not replace plumbed equipment. For this reason, B-L-S does not offer personal, short duration, low volume equipment. 

ANSI recommends stay-open valves. B-L-S only offers stay-open valves. Most of our competitors offer self-closing and stay- open valves which allows the customer to potentially be out of compliance with ANSI. 

ANSI asks for a 20" diameter deluge shower pattern at 5' above the ground line. B-L-S meets or exceeds this minimum specification. 

ANSI defines the shower water column height to be 82" minimum and 96" maximum from the surface on which the user stands. B-L-S has standardized at 85 inches. Many of our competitors offer flush ceiling mounted shower heads and most commercial ceilings exceed the 96" ANSI height requirements. B-L-S does not offer a flush ceiling mount which could result in a violation of ANSI. 

B-L-S strives to keep the customer knowledgeable of those customer responsibilities that are beyond our control. The end user is responsible for the following major items:

Emergency units must be located no more than 10 seconds to reach and no greater than 100 feet from the potential hazard. In many instances, the units must be located within 10-20 feet and eye/face washes must be on the same level where the injury occurs. 

The area around the emergency unit shall be well-lighted and highly visible, ANSI requires a highly visible sign (B-L-S standard). Others offer signs as options.  Precautions should be taken to provide provisions for proper disposal of the potentially contaminated spent water.  Units shall be activated weekly to flush the line and to verify operation.  Inlet water provided by the customer must be potable. This requires lines to be thoroughly cleaned and pre-flushed prior to emergency unit hook up.